About Us

Gosford Regional Community Services is our new name. We trade under the names of Wyoming & Point Clare Community Centres, Wyoming Community OSHC and Studio Salvage.

We are an independent Incorporated Association, a registered Charity and hold Deductible Gift Recipient Status. 

We commenced operations in October, 1990 and officially opened on 6 December, 1991. The Association is a non-profit, welfare and benevolent organisation whose main objective is to provide assistance to the socially and economically disadvantaged of our community.

In 2016, to better reflect our broad scope of services to the Gosford regional community, we undertook a brand refresh to become Gosford Regional Community Services. 

Our Head Office is located at the Wyoming Community Centre, 147 Maidens Brush Rd Wyoming. The Building is owned by Gosford City Council but managed under a licence arrangement by our organisation.


Our mission is to support local community members by achieving the following objectives:

Local Issues - As a local community organisation we are proactive in assisting the local Gosford community to identify issues of local importance.

Local Strategies - We are committed to developing and supporting strategies which respond to issues impacting the Gosford region.

Local Information - Providing community information, education and advocacy through the delivery of community activities and a variety of other support services.

Local Opportunities - Providing opportunities for the community to develop skills, build self-esteem and interact with others.


Membership is open to all who have an interest in supporting our activities and programs. Annual membership is $5.00 per annum or $10.00 for three years. There is a one-off joining fee of $1 per person and membership can include up to two people at the same address. The membership “year” is 1 July to 30 June but you can join at any time. Members joining after 1 April each year will have their membership automatically rolled over to the next financial year. Our Annual General Meeting is usually held in September each year and all members are encouraged to attend. 

Membership provides discounted rates on hall hire and access to activities and classes throughout the year.

Gosford Regional Community Services Management

The organisation has a voluntary Board of Management which is made up of local residents and people who are committed to supporting our programs and activities. Board members are elected for a two year period at the Annual General Meeting in September each year. There are four office bearers and up to eight ordinary members. The current  Board members are: 

Chairperson: Vicki Scott    

Vice Chair: Michael Daly

Secretary: Mary Pritchard              

Treasurer: Sue Cleary

Ordinary Members: Jason Van Ritten, Marc Pooley, Melissa Garland, Rebecca Wild and Helen Orchard.

If you are interested in joining our Board, please send an email to EO@gosfordcommunity.org.au or call 4323 7483.

Ms Kathy Sokk is the Executive Officer of the organisation and is responsible for all operations matters and compliance with Association policies and procedures.